Unconventional ideas demand exceptional technological solutions

Modern design, focused on the functionality and identity of the application, combined with modern technologies, is the key to success in the great competition in the market.

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About my work

At work, I make sure that the products has own visual identity , which will work for the product itself both in function and in aesthetic in modern technology Artificial intelligence , neural networks and computer vision are not just sci-fi concepts, for me they are technologies to promote project to higher levels.

My concepts

What can I offer you?

Based on your requirements, I will create a system that will serve you and your clients.


I use modern technologies for my work, which will meet the performance requirements and all required functions to the maximum.


I create modern user interfaces, focused on intuitive operation, tested on users and analyzed by artificial intelligence.


Artificial intelligence can work for you. Learning the system itself according to the user is not just a wild fantasy for me.


Automatic search of objects in the image and their recognition can open up new possibilities for your system for automation.

Realized projects


Website for the Nadějefest charity festival

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Řešení GDPR

Website for a company offering help with GDPR.

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Mobile application for managing business contacts

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Website system and plugin for 360 ° photography

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Contact me

Cinque Terre

Ing. Adam Richter

Na Stavě 1233, Třebechovice pod Orebem

IČ: 07242107

Mobil: +420 605 243 840

Email: richtada2@gmail.com

A indivdual registered in the Trade Register at the City of Hradec Králové since 25.06.2018.